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Online & Telephone Help Desk

Landmark Facilities Management utilise the latest IT technology and web based solutions to offer an efficient, simple and easy to use Help Desk system for Property Maintenance requests. Calls and work requests can be made online, by email, phone or fax. Once your request has been received our administrators will liaise with you to arrange access, allocate the work to a suitably qualified technician and send an acknowledgement confirming the details. As the job progresses the Help Desk system is updated and information is available online to enable you to monitor progress through to completion. All costs are reported back to us and records maintained so we are able to advise you at any time the Property Maintenace costs associated with any location.

We track and monitor all jobs through the Help Desk to ensure that the required service levels are being met. If problems do occur the system alerts our administrators so they can intervene and ensure prompt and timely completion of the work.

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