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Office Moves and Changes

Over time companies office space requirements change. Whether it’s additional desks to facilitate growth, a new office location or just a different office layout, Landmark Facilities Management can assist you with all your office moves and changes. We can help you with space planning to fully utilise the space available, sourcing furniture to match the existing, relocating existing power and data or installing new power and data cabling and carrying out the physical move over night or at the weekend to minimise disruption to your business.

Whether it is moving a couple of desks or rearranging the layout of a complete office Landmark Facilities Management is here to help.

The range of services available is very broad but includes:
- Space planning
- Sourcing furniture
- Supplying and building furniture
- Relocating and installing power and data cabling
- Crate hire
- Crate packing
- Removals

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