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Office Cleaning

Landmark Facilities Management provides cleaning services for offices and commercial properties in London, supporting organisations both large and small in providing a clean, hygienic work environment for their employees.

Our office cleaning programme is developed from a fully detailed site specific cleaning specification which is prepared in conjunction with yourselves, to ensure your individual requirements are met. The specification details all the tasks required, where the work is required and the frequency of the task.

This specification then forms the basis of all ongoing quality management and the individual cleaner's site training programmes. The specification is a living document and as your requirements change it is amended and updated to ensure it reflects the current needs of your business.

Client requirements are constantly changing and for many companies a key requirement is that their offices remain clean throughout the working day. By offering day time cleaners / house keeping services or on site caretakers, Landmark Facilities Management can ensure that your building remains in pristine condition at all times. By being on hand, we are able to clean accidental spillages, clear or set up meeting rooms and maintain toilet facilities, thereby creating a professional quality impression of your facilitioes for both clients and staff.

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